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A brief presentation for companies throughout the world

The JUGIT has been invented by Richard Pryor at JUGCO Ltd. to make bags of milk, juice and water easier to use. Following its invention in 2008, millions have been sold to Dairy Companies for promotional campaigns and also to retailers throughout the world.
It delivers real consumer and product benefits and is easy to use for the whole family. Take a look at the film and PDF presentation download for more information. JugCo is the sole international sales agent for all international enquiries.

“The milk bag and JUGIT promotion really brought some excitement to help grow our sales and it also gave us significant growth in both customer loyalty and positive brand associations.”

- Luisa Fernanda
Vasquez Lopez,
Alquería, Colombia

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Range of colours

Available in a range of colours*.
*Pale blue stock standard, other colours min. order applies.

World map

Over 2 million JUGITs sold worldwide already.

Simple to use

The JUGIT is so simple to use it’s ready in three simple steps